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Leisure and activities

Round Strasbourg and Erstein

The Erstein district is 20 km to the south of Strasbourg at the heart of the Grand Ried. It provides a wonderful array of activities and things to discover. Amid the rivers, fields and forests, there’s so much to do! In Erstein itself, take a walk through the town by the Ill or along the fitness path, or discover the national nature reserve of the Forêt d’Erstein, 180 hectares of some of the wildest alluvial forest by the Rhine. Here you’ll find 29 species of vertebrates, 44 species of butterflies and dragonflies, as well as 78 species of bird. If you enjoy birdwatching, you can discover the elegant middle spotted woodpecker here, recognisable by its red head and its checker-like plumage.

The town of Erstein also has a skate park with play areas, plus an aquatics and relaxation centre with a large swimming pool, a tropicarium, a splash area with a slide, a jacuzzi and two saunas. The town is also a great place to start for great bike rides. Enjoy marked trails suitable for all the family, including a historic trail round Erstein on the waterfront and a fun trail.

As the Grand Ried is such a wonderful natural environment, activities like fishing are key attractions, and the area is a true paradise for anglers looking for peace and quiet. If you’d prefer to glide along the water, you’re also spoilt for choice - go down the Ill aboard a canoe or kayak, or in a rowing boat with the Bateliers du Grand Ried.

Just 20 minutes from Erstein near Strasbourg is Natura Parc, and 30 minutes away lies Europa Park, Germany’s largest amusement park.